Strasbourg City France Europe Holiday Destination

About Strasbourg city destination: Strasbourg is a beautiful city which is located on eastern of the France country. Strasbourg city is situated on bank of the River Rhine which flow just between of the France and Germany country border. Strasbourg city is located in prime location which one side has River Rhine and tree other sides has agriculture lands. Strasbourg is a proper destination to explore Germany and France country combined culture and social activities explore.

Strasbourg city is excellent jointed to other domestic and other European places via road transport, air transport and train transport. Strasbourg city is just 490.4 KM far from Paris central capital city, Stuttgart city is exact 150.2 KM far, Zurich is exact 221.3 KM distance from Zurich city, Lyon city is just 492.9 KM distance, Montpellier city is just 792.1 KM far, Frankfurt city is just 219.7 KM distance.

France is beautiful and famous country which is located in eastern Europe region. France central administration capital city is Paris which is situated in north central of the country. Lot s of people come to France to explore its social and culture activities. Paris is the top landing places in France where come lots of foreign countries passengers to explore France country people modern activities and watch its historical places. France is a modern and fully developed country which people life their life with modern life style. Europe holiday travel and Japan holiday travel

How can come to Strasbourg city: Strasbourg is a modern city which is well connected to other France domestic places via road transport, air transport and train transport. Strasbourg city is good connected to other European places via water transport, road transport and air transport. Strasbourg city also has domestic airport which connects to city via air transport.

Aerodrome Strasbourg Polygone Airport: Aerodrome Strasbourg Polygone it is a main airport of the Strasbourg city where passengers can get flights to other European places and France domestic places.

Strasbourg Train station: Strasbourg railway station is central junction where passengers can get different types trains to other domestic places along with other European countries. Passengers can move from one Europe destination to other via trains and road transport which includes European people, France domestic people and other overseas countries passengers.

Strasbourg city tourists attractions: people can watch several popular places in Strasbourg which some are Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg, Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Grande-ile de Strasbourg – Historical place, Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg – Cathedral, Le Vaisseau – Science museum, Tomi Ungerer Museum-International Illustration Centre, Catherine – Museum, Russian Orthodox Church, Le Vaisseau – Science museum, musee sismologique – museum etc.

Strasbourg city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Strasbourg city has many hotels accommodations to stay nights and days. the city has many modern resturants such as Restaurant Le Kuhn – French restaurant, Restaurant Alsacien Strasbourg Schnockeloch – Alsace restaurant, Musa Restaurant – Syrian restaurant, Restaurant Umami – Asian fusion restaurant, Restaurant Le Tonneau, Au Crocodile – Fine dining restaurant, Saint Sepulcre – Alsace restaurant etc.

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