Privacy Policy

Operating a Blogging website needs to have privacy policy that has set rules and regulations. With more and more people getting into blogging and micro-blogging and opportunity finding its way to post numerous articles, blogs and newsletter on the websites it is necessary to get the right amount of blogging and relevant articles or blogs to be posted. Any issues related to putting the articles or blogs which do not fall under the correct categorization may create harm with reputation of the webpage.

Keeping all factors in mind the privacy policy of have come up with blog privacy policy and its implementations.

Our blog privacy policy works with legalizing the business prospects and come up with ensuring the applicable state, privacy laws and also depends with readers prospective comments about the blogs.

Personal information can be said as any information which is directly or indirectly linked with the Bloggers or individuals. Some of the examples with personal information that blogs collect also includes:

  1. Names
  2. Email address
  3. Account sign-up information
  4. IP Address
  5. Transaction with data such as billing information and payment details

Our blog privacy policy specify with all possible ways through the site collecting personal information. It also includes direct data collecting methods through contact forms, email subscriptions, social media sharing. Also, it includes analytic tools, third party cookies and payment platforms.

The blog since monetized through ads or the affiliate links the privacy policy also discloses with sites’ relationships with the various third party providers along with data handling processes.

Our blog privacy policy includes various subjects which addresses the following:

  • Information collection and use: We explain the users personal information that also works with purpose of data collection.
  • Third-party sharing: We disclose and share information with the third-parties.
  • Cookie disclosure: We identify the types of cookies you use for your blog.
  • Protection of personal data: We reassure users with implementing security measures in safeguarding the data.

Blogs Online which has much of the strict adherence for the bloggers let you know the relevant information of the blogger:

  • What personal information gets collected by the users
  • How you collect, use and store with the personal information
  • Why there is need for personal information
  • If there is need with any third parties collect for storing the personal information.

With privacy policy issues getting more important these days, users adhere to the strict guidance making it feel as a sign of trustworthiness!