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Gaur City 7th Avenue Apartments With All Facilities

The home seekers in Greater Noida West will be enthralled to learn that Gaur City 7th Avenue, the most sought project in the metro city has been completed and ready for possession. It will offer the best residential infrastructure for the modern home seekers. Made for the higher income group, these properties will speak for themselves. The spacious apartments and the remarkable facilities will be ideal for an excellent lifestyle ahead. Since the very beginning, the brand has chosen the best location for the development of exclusive projects. It has never shown any discrepancy regarding the introduction of features in the project. Needles to mention, the brand has been the first choice for the residence seekers to own a home in the leading cities. This time, it has chosen the right city and wants to mesmerize the home seekers with the marvelous properties in Gaur City 7th Avenue Greater Noida West will be blessed with the project as it will change the location to form a new landmark in the city.

The brand has immense experience regarding creating the right ambiance for the future homeowners in the projects. It will offer the best residential infrastructure in Greater Noida West that will make other brands look uncompetitive. Gaur City 7th Avenue will have the best international grade features for the owners. A luxury life is what will be redefined by the homes in this project from the eminent brand. Gaur City 7th Avenue price / Gaur city 5th avenue price / Gaur city 1st avenue price

Noida extension is close to the IT hubs in the city. The residents will be able to commute to their workplaces without any hassle as the efficient network of roadways offers a seamless connectivity within the city. The vicinity of the malls, markets, shops, banks, schools, ATM, petrol pumps, hospitals, etc will offer ample convenience to the residents of Gaur City 7th Avenue. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy a luxurious life for the future owners of the properties in this project. Gaur City 7th Avenue will offer 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments on 125 acres of land. There will be two different towers with 11 and 23 floors respectively. The total number of unit available for possession is 150. The price of the properties will vary from INR 4.15 Crore onwards. The floor space of the properties will range between 1165.00 sq.ft. – 1350.00 sq.ft.. Needless to mention, the villa sized properties will be ideal for a luxury living in the posh neighborhood. As per the experts, the price of the properties will increase to a huge extent. Invest your future in Gaur City 7th Avenue Noida extension and enjoy a great lifestyle ahead.

Investment in ATS Khyber Range Commercial Ghaziabad

The improvement of more prominent Ghaziabad is supported by a few reasons one of them is absence of room looked by the occupant of Ghaziabad. At the point when properties of Ghaziabad ended up excessively expensive for both little scale enterprises and occupant of Ghaziabad then Gr. Ghaziabad came as a rescuer. Further, the enthusiasm of IT center and different organizations added favorable position to its development. Such situation prompts the immediate improvement of Ghaziabad as the following problem area for both private and business land venture. Individuals are looking forward gr. Ghaziabad valuable for both self-utilize and business point of view. A few people are purchasing a Commercial undertaking in Ghaziabad from a speculation perspective. The fast increment of the business division has made a considerable measure of opening for work in the zone.

However, one must be sufficiently cognizant while purchasing a business venture as the purchaser must think about the area of the task as the most extreme need. Since the area is the fundamental criteria which choose the lucrativeness of the undertaking. For example, the prestigious engineer SBTL is thinking of the ATS Khyber Range in NH-24, which is considered as one of the principle areas of a city. The place is successfully associated with the Yamuna Expressway and situated inverse to the Metro Station subsequently making it a perfect place to augment Return on Investment. ATS Kingston Heath location / ATS Pious Orchards location / ATS Pristine Golf Villas location

More prominent Ghaziabad holds monstrous potential to offers an immense land mass for advancement, so various business, and additionally private tasks, are likewise coming up in the territory. For example, an extensive multi-utility business center point by the name ATS Khyber Range is additionally coming up in the territory which consolidates a few pleasantries including business space for the business people, shopping center to permit individuals get their design, fun silver screen to gives a chance to the motion picture darlings appreciate the most recent blockbusters and game yard to draw out their game soul of the general population all under one rooftop. The property is best for those anticipating putting cash in land advertise. This is the best arrangement to purchase a business venture in Ghaziabad from each edge. What’s more, the whole zone is all around watched by the security gatekeepers and CCTV camera in order to keep away from any undesirable exercises in the region. Putting resources into such an excellent venture is constantly helpful as the yield from the business venture is gigantic as their face esteem increments with the progressing time and henceforth its cost and month to month rentals from the properties likewise expands time to time.

Real Estate Properties in Noida & Greater Noida

Noida and Greater Noida are good locations in Delhi NCR to investment which are good connected to other destinations like airport, expressways and other highways. It is not hard to find a property to invest these days. The electronic media have provided ample channels to communicate and find the best properties in a preferred location. The only trouble seems to surface when you do not know what to look for in the properties and end up compromising in the end. This is where the agents can be very beneficial to make a fruitful investment. To find a multifamily for sale property in a proper location, you will definitely need the supervision of a proficient real estate agent. Multifamily for sale: A higher investment, Needless to say, the multifamily properties cost way higher than the single family ones but have better benefits too. To ensure that your investment plan is solid and full-proof then hiring a real estate agent is a good idea. You can rest assured that the agent will find out all the pros and cons of the property options available. The expert eye will locate the good and bad things easily and guide you to make a proper investment.

Easy financing, Unlike the single family properties, the multifamily properties can be easily financed by the banks as the properties bring more assurance of installment payments than any other. The bank is also aware of the higher price of these properties. It means that if an owner becomes a defaulter, the bank can easily extrude the loan amount by selling the valuable property instantly. Villas in Greater Noida / Villas in Ghaziabad / Villas in Yamuna Expressway

Lower the risk with better return, An investment in ten different single family properties involves more expenditure, hassle, resource depletion, etc than owning a single 10-unit multifamily for sale. You will have to do a single paperwork session and will not have to visit the same authorities over and over again. The maintenance expenses also reduce to a minimum. The multifamily properties never go entirely vacant. You will never have to pay a mortgage when you are dry in income. The building will also draw less maintenance and other expenses. You will be able to confirm a regular income every month. Managing the property will be easier too, Managing a single multifamily property is far easier than handling ten different properties at different locations. Hiring a manager will ensure a smooth management of the property.

Drug Abuse

The state is Better Addiction Care to South America’s cocaine generating regions than anywhere else. Florida’s long coast and lots of ports of entrance make it an attractive target for drug traffickers. Florida’s cocaine trade took off in the 1980s, when Colombian cartels began to deliver vast quantities of drug through Miami with the aid of neighborhood Cuban-American and also Caribbean immigrant intermediaries. So much medicine cash went into the economic situation that it essentially might not be counted. Modifications in the drug service as well as stepped-up police reduced the Miami medicine profession. Police punished Florida’s medication service in the late 1980s. Colombian cartels were never ever really methodical regarding their importation strategies or their use physical violence.

In 2018, heroin was located in 59 Miami fatalities, yet its metabolite morphine was found in 126 deaths. In many cases, fentanyl is combined with other medicines, triggering a deadly overdose. Polydrug usage refers to using numerous drugs each time for one-of-a-kind effects. When it concerns blending stimulants like drug and also nervous system-depressing drugs like opioids, customers seek to combat a few of the adverse impacts of each medicine. Miami, Florida, is known for its nightlife and also sun-drenched beaches. Similar to the remainder of the country, it has fought with public health problems associated with material use problems as well as dependency.

An alcohol detox is required when a person ends up being addicted to the compound and also their body shows withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is withheld. When consuming constantly, the body will certainly develop a resistance to alcohol, suggesting the person will require to consume higher amounts of the substance in order to attain the sensation they are trying to find. Then, if alcohol is instantly held back, the body starts to have withdrawal signs and symptoms. But before recovery happens, a detoxification must occur so the body is rid of the angering material. At Legacy Healing Center, we help individuals everyday efficiently complete a drug detox in a risk-free, medically assisted atmosphere. Medicine detoxification is various for every person, and also depending on the sort of substance abuse as well as how much as well as how much time it was utilized for, withdrawal as well as detoxification signs and symptoms can vary. It isn’t uncommon for a person who is struggling with a dependency to wonder exactly how does medicine detoxification work and also if it will work for them.

Fifty-six percent of set up, global trip separations weekly are to destinations in the Caribbean; 30 percent are to locations in Central America, Mexico, or South America. Medications, particularly cocaine, heroin, and also MDMA, often are moved to Florida by carriers or come together with genuine freight on commercial trips from medicine resource as well as transshipment nations or from various other states. USCS authorities in Florida confiscated nearly 3,000 kgs of drugs from business as well as exclusive aircraft and also over 165 kilos from bundles in 2001. Community-based addiction as well as psychological health services are frequently given as well as supplied by neighborhood coalitions and not-for-profit companies.

Nevertheless, various various other medicines have actually entered the market, having a heartbreaking result on individuals in the Sunshine State. Heroin, prescription narcotics, designer drugs like Budda and also Flakka as well as a whole lot even more are taking cocaine’s area.

Drugs and alcohol additionally often tend to make teenagers feel indestructible and immune to the problems that experience. It’s a well-known fact that illicit substances like cannabis, drug, heroin and methamphetamine can do a lot of damage. It’s also crucial to think about that legal materials like prescription drugs and alcohol can be dangerous too.

Currency additionally is smuggled wholesale, often by carriers taking a trip aboard airlines and by maritime conveyances. Operation Jetway data indicate that practically $1.6 million bucks were taken at Florida airports in 2001. USCS authorities in Florida took $6,041,286 in bulk money from outgoing shipments in FY2001. USCS authorities additionally report that the Colombian Underground Market Peso Exchange, an informal money exchange system, is just one of the primary techniques utilized to launder cash in southern Florida.

Miami Rehabilitation For Drug Abuse Treatment

So if you desire to seek outpatient treatment, and also you likewise need a risk-free sober-friendly area to live, we can fit all of those requirements. For greater than 20 years, G&G Medical care Services, an across the country acknowledged drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in North Miami Beach, has actually treated dependencies and also co-occurring disorders. The facility includes a facility of guesthouses, along with a therapy facility, as well as it provides individuals with personalized attention as well as customized therapy programs. It uses an alternative strategy that includes the customers’ physiological, psycho-emotional, as well as spiritual demands, concentrating on the treatment of those that struggle with chronic relapse or who are dually identified.

Harbor Town provides detailed addiction treatment for long-lasting success in recuperation. Dependency is a persistent illness defined by medicine seeking and also use that is compulsive, or difficult to manage regardless of harmful effects. Study shows alcohol and drug addiction is treatable as well as can be effectively managed.

Outpatient treatment can, however, work well for an individual with a mild addiction, small regression or who is transitioning from inpatient treatment. The majority of outpatient rehabilitation programs allow an individual to participate in therapy while still living in your home. Though this may seem suitable, this absence of framework can in fact be detrimental to certain people. Among the best resources of hesitancy when it concerns someone attending a medicine or alcohol rehab is fretting exactly how they will certainly pay for therapy. If you do have medical insurance coverage, you will be happy to find out that oftentimes, insurance policy does pay for some or possibly every one of the therapy costs, as rehab involves dealing with a disease. It isn’t unusual for somebody that is struggling with an addiction to ask yourself exactly how does drug detox work and if it will help them. Detox is a vital very first step in damaging free from medications, yet it is necessary for someone to understand that detox alone won’t help them stay off the drugs for good.

Once you have this figured out, you can start to take a look at the expense and also determine if and also just how much insurance is mosting likely to cover. Repayment Assistance Payment assistance is offered at a large group of treatment facilities. You will require to call the location to find out certain details on repayment aid programs. They attend to the damaging behaviors and underlying psychological problems of disordered eating.

The center additionally uses Neurotherapy, which makes use of cutting edge techniques to detect the source of addictive habits as well as health and wellness inequalities. A few of the specialized medication rehab programs that we provide near Miami include alcohol rehab, drug rehabilitation, fentanyl rehabilitation, heroin rehabilitation, cannabis rehab, meth rehab, and prescription medicine rehabilitation. If you are interested in dependency treatment programs in Miami, South Coastline Detox is a cutting edge facility. Whether you’re trying to find the most efficient medicine rehab or alcohol treatment center, our Miami rehabilitation center supplies a thorough program that takes on the core source of chemical abuse.

Our psychoanalysts examine these medications to understand how they work and also impact the body, and skillfully apply this expertise in their day-to-day technique. An alcohol detoxification is required when a person comes to be addicted to the material as well as their body shows withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is kept. When consuming alcohol continually, the human body will create a tolerance to alcohol, implying the individual will require to consume greater quantities of the substance in order to attain the feeling they are seeking. After that, if alcohol is suddenly withheld, the body begins to have withdrawal symptoms. Some insurance policies that might help you cover all or part of the cost of dependency treatment consist of Medicaid, Medicare, State-funded insurance policy programs, exclusive insurance coverage, and also military insurance coverage sometimes. Faith Based Treatment Many spiritual companies provide drug and alcohol recuperation treatment at no charge as part of their ministry services. Live Well Therapy Team is a group personal practice with considerable experience dealing with children, teens, grownups, households & pairs.

At The Source, our company believe that it’s impossible to take a “one dimension fits all” approach to dependency treatment as well as healing. That is why we never restrict the quantity of time that you can get care at our center to a set variety of days. It is necessary to remember that your addiction did not create overnight, for that reason, it will certainly take more than simply a few days to conquer it. When you prepare to work through your addiction, among the choices that you will certainly require to make revolves around what sort of treatment strategy you wish to sign up in. At The Resource, we offer our customers the possibility to take part in all facets of full medication rehabilitation therapy including inpatient and also outpatient programs. A Miami drug and alcohol rehab isn’t an immediate “cure” for dependency or emotional dependence.

For those looking for dependency treatment on their own or a liked one, the helpline is a personal as well as practical solution. South Miami Healing gives individual, affordable treatment for individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol in an outpatient setup. The Resource Therapy Facility help line is a private as well as personal solution for those seeking recovery from drugs or alcohol. Among the reasons that customers make a decision ahead to The Source results from the fact that we provide a range of various restorative methods.

For more information, checked out the complete break down of our filtering procedure and also ranking method. We additionally use a specialized alcohol detoxification program in addition to a basic medication detoxification program.

Whether experienced throughout or after therapy, relapse is a typical part of the drug and alcohol rehab and also recuperation procedure. A problem simply suggests that treatment plans need to be adjusted as you shift back to a productive life in Miami Beach. Many people fighting some kind of dependency obtain caught up in self-destructive patterns progressively linked to their substance of choice. This cycle of dependancy can affect all facets of life in your home, college or work in or around Miami Coastline, Florida. Whether you’re dealing with such a problem yourself or worried concerning a buddy, the course to recuperation starts with an embellished medicine rehab Miami program at a reputable drug rehabilitation facility in Florida. Florida Center for Recovery is not just among those four-star resort centers that camouflage themselves as rehab centers. Thus, we ensure to offer detailed as well as effective medicine dependency as well as healing therapy to all of our people.

Grand Living at Gaur City 7th Avenue Greater Noida

For the last few decades, Gaur city is serving the best housing options to the investors and home buyers. Redefining the lifestyles and redrawing skylines, the realty brand SFS has built a great reputation among this sector. The builder is offering the best in all terms to meet the growing expectations of modern home buyers. Recently the group has launched their grand project in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh by the name of Gaur City 7th Avenue. This is a super-premium residential property in the city that is designed in a way to make your living comfortable. Gaur City 7th Avenue price list / Gaur city 5th avenue price list / Gaur City 14th Avenue price list

The residential property has 3 and 4 BHK premium apartments equipped with super-stylish features in varying sizes and configurations. Each and every detail at this property is designed amazingly to offer an elevated lifestyle. The apartments are Vaastu-friendly and very spacious to ensure proper ventilation of air and natural light. The whole project is surrounded with greenery and offers panoramic views of the nature from the balcony area. The homes are extra-large sized and offers maximum space for the public utilization. The balconies are wide and large to accommodate the potted plants and a breakfast table where you can sit and relax while reading newspaper. All the modern features and facilities are installed amazingly at Gaur City 7th Avenue Uttar Pradesh project to ensure a comfortable living standard. There are dedicated kids’ play areas in the complex where your toddlers can roam freely and safely. Apart from this, there is roof-top party area, power back-up, solar power system, rain-water harvesting and other facilities are also available. There are dedicated sit-out areas where the residents can sit and relax while socializing with the other residents. Multiple balconies are provided facing the central greens.

When it comes to the location, the property is planned thoughtfully in Edapally by the builder ensuring fast and easy access to all the major landmarks in and around the city. The physical and social infrastructure around the complex is well-developed and ensures a comfortable living of the residents. Temples, malls, shopping centers, and several areas of interest are located very close to the project location making the life of residents convenient. With a number of facilities available and the strategic location of this property makes Gaur City 7th Avenue Greater Noida as the best investment option and has become one of the most sought-after projects in the city. The price for the apartments varies as per the size and configurations of these apartments. multiple payment options along with easy home loan facilities are also available to make the purchase of buyers easier. This is surely going to be your dream destination ensuring good future returns too.

Custom and Modern Look Website Design and Development

A website Design and development agency can cooperate to your success. Create a agency manipulative websites for others does not mean you should be a huge corporation. You can create small and grow little by little until you become one of the biggest players in the website design industry. An attractive website makes visitors feel more relaxed. The visitors are predictable to spend more time on your site and enhance the chances of really going to make a buy. Many offline companies would like to have a website or an enhancement of their accessible websites. However, many either lack the needed skills for developing the sites themselves or think they have the money to grant the website building project to website design companies. You can make these sites yourself or pay someone to generate them for you. You can find enormous website site builder online and in various independent website sites that are inexpensive.

Ensuing with your website design agency, it is imperative to sit with the clients and see precisely what they want to carry out with your site. Provide them the chance to see the benefits of having a agency website. Also recommend to generate websites with email forms so that they could see a chance to keep their customers and make them know about new offers. This may initially be a basic thing but you could generate an enormous business for yourself because people will pay for it. Not everyone is ready to learn any multipart programming language to generate a few-page website for his business. People would like better to let others get the job done for them. The offline business owners symbolize a good niche you can revenue from. Website design and development , SEO Services for Hotels and Digital Marketing services

There are many ways to win customers for your website design agency. In fact, you can visit these establishments and compose cold calls in person. Make sure you have a website that display your prices and include a portfolio of your previous projects. If you are starting new, you can illustrate them pictures of websites you are sure you can generate for them. Your site must be competent to help your customers improve business. If you do a good job for them, they will start you to their friends. That is how things generate and before you know it, you are already creating thousands of dollars per week. If you don’t have the skill to build the websites yourself, you should outsource them. This will offer your customers with high-class jobs that can develop their business. Charge reasonable cost and offer high quality work. This should be the trademark of your website design agency. Many website companies are already charging thousands of dollars to generate simple websites. Hence, your low-cost is a chance to crush competitors. You will win more clients for lower prices and collect higher profits. That is the secret to the achievement of any website design agency.

Invest in Real Estate Properties in Greater Noida

Purchasing a house involves much more than just looking through the piece of paper of classified ads for any house for sale nearby you. Real estate investments like buying a house would possibly be the most enormous process an average individual can make. In spite of the heavy rate, though, there is not anything more fulfilling than getting yourself your own place and construct dreams around it. Why should you buy a house? Renting is, of course, a substitute for those who still cannot afford to have their own houses. At a substantial rate, though, the price you pay for rent may also get you a house for which you can pay at a per month basis, particularly through bank funding. In this manner, it is at all times wiser to allocate your money to your house to which you can call your own, than ratting at a place and not be getting back anything from the budget you pay. ATS Kingston Heath price / ATS Pious Orchards price / ATS greens projects

To put it basically, looking for a house for a deal is a way to turn your cash into an asset. From numerous studies, professionals found that the worth of Greater Noida apartments for sale is in between 1940 and 2022 had gone several times upper. This means that those who have bought a house in earlier can now sell their property at a multiplied rate. More so, these fractions were only derived from a normal value. Good real estate agents may have the assets put in the market at a much greater value. What should you do before buying a townhouse for sale? Most of the times the first time buyers may find this venture daunting and puzzling, particularly when they are offered with the terms of expenditures, benefits, and paybacks. True enough, financing in real estate is a problematic and daunting procedure if you do not get yourself acquainted with the terms. Prior to the buying townhouse for sale, you need to keep few things in mind.

Decide your checklist/ requirements. Note that before looking for a house, townhouse or condo is an easy process once you decide what you want and you would win you half of the fight. Find a house for sale that pleases your needs makes you triumphant in the battle. If you are deciding on a duplex or a bungalow in low prices that would narrow your choices, so it’s better to choose among the available options. Set a decent budget and compare the mortgage payments. Connect with a good real estate adviser who will guide you to choose the right price range and prevents you from buying a house that is way away from your means. Submit all official documents and close escrow. It is through this procedure that the fresh owners get a hold of the actions, name and other lawful proof of ownership. There are varied housing styles and lifestyles that are also diverse from place to place. Vancouver real estate agents can inform you more about this matter. The Vancouver condo and townhouse market has seen a major growth over the past few years at a pace that has all the correct conditions to stay viable.

Guide to Buy and Sell Dream Home in Noida

At the end of a grueling day, home is the place that we long to return to. It is our sanctuary, our safe-haven from the relentless harshness and demands of the outside world. It is at home that we can relax and enjoy our free time with our friends and families. Therefore, before buying a flat, we must make sure that the property has excellent structural integrity and is aesthetically appealing too. The comfort and safety of the residents must take precedence when looking for the perfect flat or house. Plots in Noida / Plots in Gaur Yamuna City / Plots in Delhi NCR

Important aspects to look for before buying a residential property, Location: Whether it is a flat or an independent property, the location is of vital importance to a potential buyer. An ideal home must be located in a safe neighbourhood, must not be too far from schools, hospitals, markets and entertainment centres. It must also have adequate connectivity to the rest of the city and should not be too far away from the residents’ place of work. Capacity: A good dwelling must be large enough to adequately and comfortably accommodate all its occupants. When buying a home, therefore, it is essential for the buyer to take into account the size of his/her family, the needs of its members and changes that might be required in the near future. If the family has any children, the property must be large enough to allow them space to play.

Aesthetics: This is not simply about the superficial beauty of the construction. The overall aesthetics of a house must resonate deeply with the taste and preferences of its owners. Amenities: The house must provide all the essential amenities required for comfortable living in the fast-paced world of today. This must essentially include adequate power backup, water storage facilities, etc. To purchase a safe and comfortable home or apartments in Noida & Greater Noida, it is always wise to look for apartments in residential complexes that have been constructed by reputed builders. Many residential complexes have come up in Noida expressway, Noida that offer 3 BHK flats complete with all modern amenities. Interested buyers can always check all the information related to these properties on the developer’s website and then make an informed decision.

Real Estate Agents in Noida & Greater Noida

Buying a home can be a big financial leap. Follow along to learn how a real estate agent could help you find the residential property of your dreams. The Stress of Buying a New Home, It’s easy to see how buying a new home can be a stressful and intimidating process to many new home buyers. There are often many factors to take into account when buying a house such as the long-term property value of a potential home, the neighborhood, and other real estate options. Real estate can be particularly complicated as there some minor details that can completely ruin the viability of your new home purchase. Fortunately, if you’re buying a home in India, a real estate agent in Noida & Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, could help walk you through the process.

How a Real Estate Agent Could Help You, Many new home buyers are often intimidated by seeking the help of a real estate agent. Often, home buyers are afraid that by consulting a real estate agent, the price of their home will go up significantly. This idea of higher costs is a major misconception, however. During a real estate transaction, the commission on a home is split equally between buying real estate agents and selling agents. Buying real estate agents are often extremely well-versed in their properties as well as the details surrounding them. ATS Kingston Heath price / ATS Pious Orchards price / ATS greens projects

With a real estate buying agent, you can get a detailed description of the house itself, the builders of the home, the state of the surrounding neighborhood, and any other comparable homes on the market. Buying a new home, or even your first home is often seen as an incredibly sizeable financial leap. With a skilled real estate buying agent, this phase in your life can be made far easier. The Benefits of Not Going It Alone, While it may seem easy on the surface, the process of buying real estate can become complicated fast. If you’re hoping to purchase a home in Noida & Greater Noida, a real estate agent in Noida & Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, could help make your home buying process easy and can ensure you get the home of your dreams. Buying a home is a big step, and can be difficult to reverse once the transaction is made. With a real estate agent, you not only can have the skills of an expert by your side but can make sure you move into a home that meets all of you and your family’s needs.

Paras One33 Commercial project Sector 133 Noida

Paras One33 is a commercial property that is by Paras Buildtech who are one of the biggest realty developers. The project is well design and aesthetically built that helps to enjoy more of the privileges in business. The location is at sector 133, Noida and has development as service apartments, retail shops. The projects serves the needs of the buyers and is one of the high end retail destination. It is by Hafeez Contractor and the architecture is one of the most beautiful aspect. The project is a development that makes the best form of commercial, residential and institutional one that serves the needs of the business investors. Apartments in Noida / Apartments in Gaur Yamuna City / Apartments in Delhi NCR

Paras One33 has retail shops and service suites with area that has 218 sq ft to 1400 sq ft. It comes with plot size of 2 acre and has price tag of Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 1.7 Crore onwards. It offers the retail shops with food courts which is in the first phase of the project. The retail business is spread on 3 levels which comes with Central Courtyard floor, Ground floor and first floor. It has service apartments from 2nd to 5th floor. The project comes with size of 606 sq ft to 706 sq ft. It connects well with Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and is situated in suburb of Noida Expressway.
Paras One33 has superior amenities as car parking area, children play area, club house, landscape gardens and cafeteria. The service apartments comes with natural ventilation. The project has necessary amenities as power backup, 24*7 security, public transportation, reserve parking, restaurants. It has rain water harvesting, water storage, water disposable unit. There is vastu compliant features in the project and for any maintenance there is well train maintenance staff.

Paras One33 comes with retail stores and it has hotel with 125 rooms. The total number of floors comes with Ground + 5 floors and has 2 basements which work as parking area. The size of the stores that has an area on offer with 250 sq ft and 1400 sq ft. The stores are at lower ground, first floor and ground floor. It also has retail stores, entertainment options, kids play zone, good restaurants with dining options and beautiful leisure facilities. The shops on the lower ground floors and first floor comes with a size of 385 sq ft to 585 sq ft on ground floor. It has service apartments with area of 495 sq ft, 695 sq ft, 570 sq ft and 650 sq ft. There are 125 units on lower ground floor, 95 units on ground floor and the first floor contains 90 units.

Paras One 33 has good number of footfalls with best catchment area and huge number of people residing within proximity. The project connects well with Jaypee Hospital that serves with medical and emergency needs. It has residential area with more than 30,000 apartments. It has direct access towards Noida Expressway and Mahamaya Flyover, DND Flyway, Sector 18 connects well with the project. It is one of the investor friendly project with smart construction and strategic location.