More than 15 Lakh Electricity Workers will be on Strike on this Day, to do this work against privatization

Electrical workers of Joint Conflict Committee, Uttar Pradesh will not work on 3 February. This front will be on a one-day symbolic strike. Due to this, there are reports of millions of employees not working in the country. The Sangharsh Committee says that the central government is following the policy of privatization. The Sangharsh Samiti has announced a day-to-day symbolic boycott to protest against it and to solve the burning problems of the power workers. The Sangharsh Samiti has sent a notice in this regard to the Union Minister of Power and the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Let us tell you that the Central Government has passed a new bill regarding the privatization of electricity. Accordingly, the privatization of electricity is gaining momentum. However, the benefits of privatization are not getting the way the central government was expecting. The Conflict Committee issued a statement in this regard on Tuesday. The committee said that the use of privatization has failed miserably in Orissa, Greater Noida, and Agra. Nevertheless, the Central Government has issued the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020 and Standard Bidding Document for the privatization of electricity. There is a lot of anger among the electricity workers across the country about this. On the instructions of the government, the process of privatization of electricity in the Union Territories of Chandigarh and Pondicherry is on fire at a very fast pace. In protest, thousands of power employees, junior engineers, and engineers of all the Energy Corporation of Uttar Pradesh will boycott the one-day symbolic work along with 1.5 million electricity workers of the country on 3 February. Power workers are providing moral support to the farmer movement. The farmers are adamant about repealing the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020. However, about 10 rounds of talks have been held between the farmers’ organizations and the central government on this demand.

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