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How IELTS Score is Calculated?

 IELTS Score

So, since we all know what an IELTS exam is. So, it is an International English language testing system. Here are the explanation how IELTS score is calculated? This is an exam which is being taken to test the English skills of the students so that they can go for studying abroad, or for migration and business work.

IELTS Score Calculation

 The IELTS exam consists of all four sections that are reading, listening, writing, and speaking. So, to get a good band score, you have to score well in all four sections.

Band Scale of IELTS Reflects Different Levels

 IELTS has a score on the 9 – band scale. This reflects the different levels of English users.

It is like that in which you will be given a score from 1 to 9 for each of the four sections of the test that is speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The average score we get for all four sections defined our total score.

This doesn’t mean that we can bring good marks in two sections and an average score in the other two sections. This means that you have to bring a good score in all four sections in order to get a good average band score.

The score for the IELTS exam ranges from 0 to 9. You can get your score as a whole also that is(5.0, 6.0, 7.0) or in half also that is ( 5.5, 6.5, 7.5) .The highest IELTS score is 9 and the lowest IELTS score is 1. Each score tells us about the different kinds of English users. There is no such pass or fail on the exam.

 Okay so now let us talk about the different band scores and their descriptors.

Different Band Scores for IELTS Test

So, the different band scores are:-

IELTS band 9

If you get a band score of 9, then you are an expert user. This means that you have full command in the English language.

 IELTS band score 8

If you get a band score of 8, then you are a very good user. This means that you are a nice command of the language but still, misunderstandings can happen in unfamiliar situations.

IELTS band score 7

If you get a band score of 7, then you are a good user which means you can understand complex sentences and understand detailed reasoning.

IELTS band score 6

If you get a band score of 6, then you are a competent user. This means that you have a generally effective command of the language.

 So, till 6 , you are considered to be having a good score of the language because, after a band score of 6, you are so considered to be a modest user or a limited user in the English language.

So, always try to bring a good band score to 6. Because according to my experience, most international universities ask for a band score of a minimum of 6 to get admission to a good university or a college.

 Now, I believe I have told you everything regarding the calculation of the marks for the exam. So, this is how the calculation is being done and this will keep you to know about the marks so that you study nicely to get a good band score.

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