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Gautam Budh Nagar District Administration is Ready, DM is Handling Responsibility Himself

Coronavirus will be vaccinated from January 16 in Gautam Budh Nagar. For this, District Magistrate Suhas LY has instructed all concerned departments to be prepared. On Thursday, the first batch of 25 thousand doses of Corona vaccine has arrived in the district. The District Magistrate reached the spot and took stock of the situation himself. He oversaw the cold store chain. Also gave specific instructions related to the storage of the corona vaccine. Let it be said that dry run has already been done twice to successfully conduct vaccination in the district. Flaws found during rehearsal have been removed. The health department is waiting for the vaccination to begin with full vigor. District Magistrate Suhas LY is monitoring the entire process and is in constant touch with the officials concerned. He is deliberating with the officials and giving instructions to the officers as required.

Today, 25 thousand Kovid-19 vaccine doses have been received.

According to information received from the health department, the vaccination of corona will be started from January 16 in Gautam Budh Nagar. For this, the district administration has received 25 thousand Kovid-19 vaccine doses. 14 cold chain centers have been provided for vaccine storage. In the first phase, only health workers and frontline warriors will be vaccinated in eight hospitals in the district. For this, booths have been made in these 8 hospitals. On the first day, 800 health workers and frontline warriors will be vaccinated at the booths of these eight centers.

Vaccination of 5,713 warriors at 75 booths in 3 days

The Gautam Budh Nagar district administration has also completed vaccination preparations. In the first phase in the district, about 5,713 health workers and frontline warriors will be vaccinated at 75 booths in 3 days. The hospitals selected for vaccination include JIMS (State Institute of Medical Sciences), Child PGI, Fortis Hospital, Realty Hospital, Apollo Hospital Noida, Kailash Hospital Noida, Sharda Hospital, and Jaypee Hospital Noida. Web booths have been set up at all these centers. Video conferencing of vaccination will be done through the web booth.

30 hospitals and 75 centers built at CACHI-PHC

CMO Dr Deepak Ohri gave detailed information on the vaccination and related doubts. He informed that 800 health workers will be vaccinated on January 16 in the district. A portal has also been created for convenience. From January 18 this month, 22,600 employees will be vaccinated at all 75 booths. All these information has been put on the Kovin app. For their immunization, 30 hospitals and 75 centers have been established at CACHI-PHC.

Centers include 17 private and 13 government hospitals

Total centers in the district include 17 private and 13 government hospitals. Vaccination of 100 employees is planned at every booth on 18 January. After this, the vaccination process will be completed on 22 and 25 January. In the second phase the number of booths for vaccination will be doubled (150). Health workers who need to be vaccinated have been updated on the Janvari Kovin app. There are 14 coldchains built for vaccine storage. Currently, 7 lakh vaccines can be stored in the district.

The number of booths will be increased in the second phase

The pace of vaccination will be accelerated in the second phase. 24,500 health workers are to be vaccinated in the first phase in the district. Whereas, in the second phase, there will be vaccination of people above 50 years of age and citizens of all ages suffering from serious illness. Therefore the number of booths will be increased from 75 to 150. Increasing the number of booths will allow more people to be vaccinated. The administration has completed all preparations for this. Now only they have to materialize on the scheduled dates.

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