destination wedding in pushkar

Best Time to Plan Destination Wedding in Pushkar

Destination Wedding in Pushkar

Tying knots in the holy city is a blessing. Destination wedding in Pushkar is a good choice. But the question is what will be the best time to plan destination wedding in Pushkar.

Weddings are not limited only to the towns of origin; now people choose the city of their dreams to be the place where they take the most important vows of their lives. Destination weddings are nothing new now; couples want a grand wedding ceremony away from their urban hustle and bustle.

Beautiful Wedding Destination

They choose such a beautiful wedding destination. But for this to be possible, the most critical task is to choose a sufficiently dignified place to get married. And when it comes to weddings, how can we not talk about Pushkar.

Bounty of Rajasthan Style

We all have a specific fantasy in our hearts for Royal Destination Weddings in Rajasthan, ranging from ancient Havelis, extravagant legends, traditional cuisine, and tons of sophisticated accommodation. Yes, this is the bounty of Rajasthan style!

Famous Rajasthan Destination Weddings

While this seems like a daydream that never happens, we tell you that we can help you make it happen. We’re here to help you sort through planning and budgeting for your destination wedding, which will get you re-evaluated. It’s no exaggeration to say that even children are familiar with the famous Rajasthan destination weddings, with highlights such as Pushkar, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer.

Venues for a Destination Wedding in Pushkar

We have the best wedding venues for a destination wedding in Pushkar. As another jewel of Rajasthan, Pushkar, this is also gradually becoming a favorite among wedding families. Due to a collection of resorts suitable for weddings.   

Best Weather to Plan Destination Wedding in Pushkar

The weather in Pushkar is not pleasant and the same all the year. But few months are best for planning a destination wedding in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Pushkar’s climate is generally hot but not as dry and arid as the rest of the desert state of Rajasthan. There are chiefly three seasons.

  1. The summer season lasts from March to mid-July and is hot and sultry.
  2. The hottest month is May with an average daily temperature of 30 degrees Celsius minimum and 42 degrees Celsius maximum.
  3. The monsoon season lasts from mid-July to September and results in low average rainfall and wet conditions. The wettest period is July-August.
  4. The winter season begins in November and continues until February. As a result, that coldest month is January with a daily average temperature of 11 degrees Celsius minimum and 23 degrees Celsius maximum. The winter months are perfect for sacred weddings in Pushkar.

A destination wedding in this holy city is quite easy to organize due to the local availability of wedding-related supplies, support, and services. Also, including professional wedding planners in Pushkar.

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