Ats Kabana High Commercial Office Spaces Retail Shops

ATS Kabana High is a shopping arcade that is being by ATS Developers. ATS Kabana High is a commercial space with international appeal and beauty that is certainly iconic. ATS Kabana High offers fantastic office spaces which matches with international business standards. ATS Kabana High offers shops and office spaces with entire structure and is also state of the art office that never gets replicated in any other architecture. ATS Kabana High offers high tedch security and with most of the modern facilities and has strategically placed elevators for easy movement of people. ATS Kabana High is located in the Sector 4, Greater Noida which is adjacent to Gaur Chowk. ATS Kabana High location / ATS Picturesque Reprieves location / ATS pious hideaways location / ATS Pristine Golf Villas

ATS Kabana High works with providing contemporary office along with commercial space. ATS Kabana High are also offering commercial space with CCTV surveillance and is having a design of high-street mall with best of the comfort and elegance. ATS Kabana High offers best of the floor plans and at premium prices which is also very near to residential project. ATS Kabana High offers retail space with large storefronts for the retail units along with dedicated signage areas. ATS Kabana has rich landscape Central Plaza with extensive paving and the decorative features.

ATS Kabana High has RCC Slab and column structure with masonary partitions. ATS Kabana High has impressive lobbies that also use a combination of stones along with vitrified tiles and painted surfaces. ATS Kabana High has office space that has optimum sized office for the growing business along with future raedy design schemes. ATS Kabana High has dedicated drop-off and entrance zones for the offices. ATS Kabana High has stylish lobbies, finished combination of stone, vitrified tiles and also of painted surface. ATS Kabana High has common toilet facilities with best of the fittings and fixtures. ATS Kabana High also offers basement for parking and services.

ATS Kabana High has provision of video surveillance that also includes basement parking. ATS Kabana High has on offer manned security Boom barrier at all the vehicular entry and exit points. ATS Kabana High has AC System with chilled water supply and return along with BTU meter on chargeable basis. ATS Kabana High has on offer 100% automatic DG back-up that provides lightning, AC and power. It also gives AC current on chargeable basis with appropriate diversity. ATS Kabana High shops ranging from 380 sq ft, 525 sq ft, 800 sq ft and there are offices ranging from 450 sq ft and 750 sq ft.

ATS Kabana High Noida Extension is known to be state of the art commercial property in Sector-4, Greater Noida West. ATS Kabana High Noida Extension offers wide range of retail shops, office space and also high street shops in Noida Extension making it an exclusive property. ATS Kabana High is located near to Metro station of Noida Extension and is having quality construction due to which it matters the most. ATS Noida Extension is certainly a state of the art commercial property that offers excessive features and location with two acres of high street commercial property that will cater to more than 1 lakh of families living within close vicinity.

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