‘Stirred with Bomb’ in Noida Again, Main Road of City had to be stopped

As the day passed on Friday, Noida City was again stirred in the name of a bomb. This time the case is of Phase 3 of the police station in the center of the city. A bomb-like packet was found on the road on Friday morning. Someone saw it and tipped the police. Police reached the spot and blocked the road and diverted the route. The bomb disposal squad was called. Investigation revealed that there is a packet of clocks. After this, the police breathed a sigh of relief. Route diversion had to be stopped for about an hour.

In Noida’s Phase-3 police station area, at around 9:00 am on Friday morning, police received information that a bomb was placed in the middle road on Chijarasi Road. After getting the information, the entire Noida city was stirred up. On receipt of the information, the police force immediately reached the spot. A police officer said that the road was closed due to security. Vehicles have been diverted from other routes by diverting routes. During the investigation, it was found that someone had placed the packet on the road. The bomb disposal squad conducted tests by diverting traffic to create a security cordon. But the packet did not contain any detonators and explosive material. A mischievous element was made by applying a cloak. It has been removed from there. Traffic has been normalized. Further action is being taken.

Police Commissioner Alok Singh, who reached the spot, said that only after the information, police force, dog squad, bomb squad, and special commandos have been sent to the spot. After investigation for one hour, no exploitative similar was found. However, the BDS team has defused it and taken it with them for further investigation.

Let us tell you that on Thursday, the phone call informing bomb planting in Kailash Hospital in Sector-27 of Noida was false. On Thursday afternoon, an unknown caller gave this information by calling at the hospital reception. Thereafter, the police were informed in a hurry. Police and bomb disposal squad reached the spot. Dog Squad was also called. A search operation was conducted in the hospital. The basement and ground floor of the hospital were evacuated as a precaution. DCP Rajesh S of Noida said that it was a false call.

DCP Rajesh S said that on Thursday afternoon a caller called at the reception of Kailash Hospital. He informed me that there is a bomb in the basement of the hospital. After this, there was a stir in the hospital. The hospital management quickly informed the Noida police. Heavy force and bomb disposal squad were sent on the spot. The hospital’s basement and ground floor were evacuated. The bomb disposal squad searched intensively in the basement. Police say the information was incorrect. Someone made a Hawks call to spread panic or annoy. Keeping safety in mind, the search operation was conducted till it was satisfied. During this time the functioning of the hospital was also affected. Routines and emergency services were affected. The police, taking precautions, made the fire brigade and all other arrangements on the spot.