Guest Posts for Backlinks

Guest blogging in SEO is one of the sure ways to get high-quality links to your websites. Guest links are hyperlinks to the website from other sites with guest posts. Guest links work as a good building strategy for SEO because guest links work with websites that improve their SEO Score. You can visit the SERPs and drive targets with your websites. Accepting Guest Posts Sites / Accepting Guest Posts Sites / Accepting Guest Posts Sites / Accepting Guest Posts Sites / Accepting Guest Posts Sites

How to guest post for backlinks:

Determine your link-building goals: As you start any of the guest post-link-building campaigns you just need to determine your specific goal. First of all, you need to formulate a strategy directly related to SEO or improving with site’s keyword rankings. You may also create some guest articles that can be written with the sole purpose to get high-quality leads that convert into sales. You will have to reach out to at least 10-20 sites to land with this number of backlinks.

You need to find good link-building opportunities: The next step is to find good link-building opportunities with your efforts. It has several ways to do this that includes search engines, directories, and also social media sites. You can also use tools such as Majestic, Semrush, Ahrefs, and also LinkMiner that help with finding high-quality links. It is with pointing towards your competitor’s websites which scan with backlinks of profiles.

Review of the sites’ SEO Metrics: Once you reach out to website owners about writing guest posts it is essential to review their SEO metrics. It will give a good idea of how the site ranks with search engines along with what kind of traffic you get. If the websites would be a good link to have your own site’s backlinks profile. You can use backlink analysis tools such as Moz, Semrush, and Ahrefs to get the required information.

Some of the SEO metrics along with the importance levels include:

Traffic: A website should have at least 1000 monthly visitors that are considered for the guest posts. Any lower visitors which may get penalized by Google do not have enough to get ranked yet, or further poorly optimize for SEO.

DA and PA: Domain Authority and Page Authority is also important because the stronger these metrics are, the more valuable the guest blogging link is to transfer PageRank to your sites. Keep in mind that some of the websites can manipulate these SEO factors to increase them. That is why it is always good to measure the monthly traffic as well. It is with high DA sites, for example with very little monthly traffic as a red flag and you shouldn’t get the link on that site.

Build backlinks to the guest post: The final step in link building is to put a strategy to increase the Page rank of your guest post. By doing this, you will also improve the link quality which gets passed to your websites through the contextual links. This is a method that should never get missed as it supports with the creation of backlinks.