Senior doctors advice on black fungus

Along with the corona virus these days, some people are seeing the effect of another disease, that is, black fungus. Cases of black fungus have been reported in many states of the country. However, this infection is seen more in sugar patients. Regarding this, Delhi AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria and Medanta Hospital Chairman Dr. Naresh Trehan gave many important information on Friday.

Three important things of Dr. Guleria…

  1. Give the patient a mild dose of steroids
    People need to be careful to prevent black fungus. Some things should be kept in mind to avoid this. They should be given steroids only on the advice of doctors. Also, only mild and moderate doses of steroids should be given to the patient.
  2. Increased consumption of steroid injections in the second wave of corona Consumption of steroid injections increased in the second wave of corona infection. These days it is seen that doctors are using this injection more to save the lives of patients. There is a high risk of increasing blood sugar after giving steroids.

3. Keep taking blood sugar while taking steroids
If one has been taking steroids for a long time, there may be a problem like diabetes. There is an increased risk of fungal infection. Mucor mycosis, ie black fungus, is very common in this disease. Fungal infections such as aspergillosis can also occur. Therefore, if taking steroids, then blood sugar should be checked.

4. Be cautious about the symptoms of black fungus: Dr. Trehan Regarding the symptoms of black fungus, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman of Medanta, told that pain / tightness in the nose, swelling on the cheeks, fungal patches inside the mouth, swelling of the eyelid, pain in the eye or loss of light, any of the face There is swelling on the part. If such symptoms occur, medical treatment is needed immediately.

He said that there is only one way to control black fungus, judicious use of steroids and control of diabetes. Along with this, he informed that black fungus is found especially in soil, it cannot attack those who are healthy.

तीन महीने तक चल सकता है इलाज
डॉ. नरेश त्रेहन ने बताया कि यह भी नाक या मुंह के जरिए शरीर में प्रवेश करता है। इसके बाद यह आंख तक पहुंचती है और तीसरे चरण में यह दिमाग पर अटैक करता है। इसके इलाज के लिए 4 से 6 हफ्ते तक दवाइयां लेनी पड़ती हैं। कई गंभीर मामलों में तीन महीने तक इलाज चल सकता है।

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