Results of 9th and 11th started in MP: Directorate of Public Education released link; Now only about 75% of the schools’ results have been uploaded.

  • Only absent students may fail

Madhya Pradesh’s 9th and 11th exam results can be seen by the students by visiting Directorate of Public Education has released a link to this on its portal. However, only 75% of school results have been uploaded. The process of uploading the remaining 25% of the information is in progress. According to the information, almost all the children are considered to be passed on the basis of their year-long project, but the children who fail to take the exam may just fail. Due to Corona, 9th and 11th examinations could not be conducted this year.

Bhopal District Education Officer Nitin Saxena informed that results of all schools in Bhopal district have been uploaded. Don’t know yet what the result was, but all the children must have passed. Only the children who are not able to take the exam or are absent will have a negative result. No information about the test result was publicized by the department.

According to the information received from the School Education Department, the result of 75% of the schools has been uploaded, its link has already been uploaded. The results of about 75% of the schools in the state have been uploaded. After uploading all the results, the school also sends a link with information to the children on the WhatsApp group. The result of all cannot be seen at once. This results in only the children of the school whose 100% result has been uploaded.

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