Kundra’s ‘Dirty Email’:From the way of shooting to the angle of the camera, Kundra’s team used to review the profile of the actress before selecting

Actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra, who was arrested for producing obscene films, has been again sent to police custody till July 27. The Mumbai Police had produced him in Esplanade Court sometime back. Meanwhile, his email has been leaked, in which the entire rules and regulations of Kundra’s ‘Dirty’ filmmaking are written. The project of this business of pornographic films was named ‘Khwab’.

On July 19, the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police called Raj Kundra for questioning. They reached the Byculla office of the Mumbai Crime Branch at 9 pm. The interrogation lasted for about two hours and after that, he was arrested at 11 pm. Mumbai Police may seek more time from the court during Kundra’s appearance today. Mumbai Police says that this case is huge, it is not limited to just a few porn films. The accused were carrying out this in an organized manner.

In this case 11 people including Kundra have been arrested. Efforts are on to arrest some others, including Kundra’s brother-in-law.

From camera angle to live streaming,
an email was sent by the content head of Hotshot to two people named Paras Randhawa and Jyoti Thakur at 5:25 pm on 14 August 2020. In this, information about the project ‘Khwab’ was given in a sequential manner. How will the shooting take place? At which angle the camera will be, what will be the profile of the actress, how to show the live streaming artist as much as possible, there were also details. The method was also told in this to increase the subscriber of the OTT platform.

This guideline was made for the film

  • The final movie will be in MP4 format, less than 900 MB and 1920X1080 in size.
  • Portrait Poster 510X766 in size will be less than 900 MB.
  • There will be separate bold posters for social media and there will be some normal posters.
  • Landscape posters will also remain separately.
  • There will be a general teaser of 15 seconds for social media.
  • There will be a bold trailer of 60 to 90 seconds, which will be uploaded on the app.
  • There will also be a 60 to 90 second non bold trailer for social media.
  • Non bold video of 2 to 3 minutes will be kept separately.

Rs 3 lakh will be available for a video,
in this email, payment has also been mentioned after the synopsis. If the video is found by the Hotshot Digital team to match their app, it will be purchased. In return, Rs 3 lakh will be given. The email is told in the next section that the full profile of the female lead will have to be sent to the Hotshot team before shooting. You will shoot only after the approval of the Hotshot team. The artist should have a strong presence on social media and should be able to do bold scenes (topless from the front and full back nude) voluntarily.

After purchase, all rights of the video and intellectual property rights will also remain with Hotshot Digital. If the senior team doesn’t like the video, you are free to sell it elsewhere.

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