India to be joint winner in WTC?:Till now 2 innings are not completed, there is a possibility of rain even on the 5th day, both India and New Zealand will have the title if the test is drawn.

The final of the World Test Championship between India and New Zealand is being played in Southampton. The first and fourth days of the match were completely washed out due to rain. Whereas even the first two innings of the Test could not be completed. In such a situation, if the game is interrupted on the 5th day i.e. on Tuesday also due to rain or any other reason, then the match is bound to be a draw. In this case both the teams will be declared joint winners.

In fact, in the second and third day’s play of the Test, Team India scored 217 runs after losing the toss and batting first. After this New Zealand could score only 101 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. Now the game is waiting to be played on the 5th day, but according to the Meteorological Department, it does not seem to be possible.

On the fourth day the rain did not stop at all. During this, Jasprit Bumrah roaming in the umbrella.

65% rain expected on Tuesday The
5th day is expected to be cloudy with 65% rain forecast. The temperature is likely to remain in the minimum range of 8 degrees to a maximum of 17 degrees. While 64% rain was expected on the fourth day, but the rain had not stopped from morning till evening.

ICC has already made it clear that if the final match ends in a draw or a tie, then it will not be decided separately. Rather, both the teams will be considered joint winners.

If the result does not come out in 4 days, then the reserve day will be used, in the
WTC final, the ICC has also kept a reserve day. After washing the first and fourth days, now the reserve day is almost certain to be used. To compensate for the loss due to rain, June 23 has been kept as a reserve day. The more time is lost, the more time will be extended on the reserve day. This will be announced by the match referee one hour before the end of the 5th day of the Test match.

The pitch was kept covered with covers for the whole day due to rain on Monday.

The winner
will get a prize money of $ 1.6 million (about Rs 11.71 crore) to the team that becomes the champion. At the same time, the team that loses in the final will be given $ 8 lakh (about Rs 5.85 crore). The champion team will get the prize money as well as the Test Championship mace.

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