Instructions of the Central Government: Told the states- FIR against those who harm healthcare workers, keep an eye on inflammatory posts on social media

The central government has taken seriously the cases of violence with doctors in the first and second wave of Corona. On Saturday, the Center has written a letter to the state governments on this issue. In this, it has been said to provide security to all medical staff including doctors. The Center has said that cases should be registered against those who harm healthcare workers. Take action against them under Epidemic Act 2020.

This letter has been issued by the Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla to all the states and central government territories. The Home Secretary has written that incidents of violence against healthcare workers can demoralize them. There may be a feeling of insecurity in them.

It is further written that a safe environment should be created for all medical staff including doctors. Strict action will be taken against those who commit violence against them. It is the duty of the states to register an FIR against such people. Such cases should be disposed of at the earliest.

Try to boost the morale of doctors The
Union Home Secretary has written in the letter that a strict vigil should be kept on the objectionable content in social media, which is likely to create a situation of violence. Efforts should be made to boost the morale of doctors by issuing posters in hospitals and social media to show their contribution.

Guilty not get bail
under the Epidemic Act (Epidemic Act) If a person is found guilty of violence to medical staff could be sentenced to 5 years. A fine of Rs 2 lakh may also be imposed on the person convicted. It can also be increased according to the damage caused to the victim. In case of more damage, the punishment can be increased to 7 years. In this, the number of fine increases to 5 lakh rupees. It is considered a serious offense and there is no scope of bail if convicted.

On Friday, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) held a nationwide protest against the violence on the medical staff.

A day before IMA held a nationwide protest
A day earlier on Friday, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) organized a nationwide protest against the violence on the medical staff. During this, healthcare workers worked by tying black clothes, black bands, and black ribbons instead of white ones. During this, the presidents of many states of IMA also wrote letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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