How will the third wave of Corona in the country: The second peak in the US went up to 3.5 lakh cases, in the third wave it increased to 85 thousand; If this trend continues in India too, then up to 1.25 lakh cases will come here.

The third wave of corona in India can knock in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS Delhi has given this warning. If we compare with the figures of America, then one to 1.25 lakh cases can come in the third wave in India. We are saying this because the trend of this epidemic in both the countries has been almost the same. The interval between the waves is also approximately equal.

The peak of the second wave in America came on 8 January. In this 3.5 lakh cases came in a day. In the third wave, they fell by about 70% and it reached the peak of just 85 thousand on 9 April.

If this trend continues in India, then there will be the peak of the third wave here in August and during this time between one and 1.25 lakh, maximum cases will come. India had the highest number of 4.14 lakh cases on May 6 at the peak of the second wave. In terms of total cases, America is at number one and India is at number two.

The third wave came sooner than the second, the
the peak of the first wave in the US came in July 2020. Six months later, the second peak came in January 2021 and after 3 months the third peak came in April. Exactly the same happened in India as well. Here the peak of the first wave came in September 2020. Seven months later, in May 2020, the second peak came. Now the third peak is also being estimated after 2 to 3 months from this i.e. between August.

Britain: The lockdown extended till 19 July, the
the peak of the second wave in Britain came in January. During this, around 70 thousand cases were coming daily. After that, the cases started declining rapidly. In May, less than 2 thousand cases started coming, but from June 5, the cases started increasing again. The second wave has arrived in the UK. More than 10 thousand cases are being reported daily. After increasing the cases, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, withdrawing the decision to remove the lockdown, has extended the strictness till 19 July. So far 46 lakh 30 thousand cases have come here. 1 lakh 27 thousand people have died. Close to 43 lakh 1 thousand patients have recovered.

France: People will be able to organize big events from June 30
, Corona cases in France are now coming under control. Concessions will be given soon in the Corona curfew here from March. From June 30, permission will be given to do big programs. From July 9, people will be able to party in the nightclub. There have been about 57 lakh 57 thousand cases of corona in France. 1 lakh 10 thousand people have died. After the recovery of 51 lakh 62 thousand people, there are 4 lakh 83 thousand active cases.

Turkey: Cases came from 60 thousand to 5 thousand in 2 months
. Now after two months in June, about 5 thousand cases are coming daily. So far about 53 lakh 70 thousand cases have come here. 50 thousand people have died. After the recovery of 52 lakh 32 thousand people, 88,476 active cases are left.

Russia: Corona cases started increasing again from June
, about 53 lakh 16 thousand cases of corona have come in Russia. 1 lakh 29 thousand people have died. 48 lakh 69 thousand people have been recovered. There were 1,786 cases here on 10 April 2020. In June, the cases reached about 9 thousand daily, in November it had increased to 25 thousand. After decreasing the cases in April 2021, cases have started increasing here again from June.

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