Dharmendra’s Emotion:85-year-old actor shared the video of water aerobics, wrote – Josh came on International Yoga Day, enjoyed

Veteran actor Dharmendra has posted a video on social media on International Yoga Day. In this, he is seen doing water aerobics in the swimming pool and the title track of ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ is playing in the background. 85-year-old Dharmendra wrote in the caption, “Guys, today is the day of International Yoga Day. I started doing water aerobics in the evening. Enjoy doing my aerobics against the water stream. Hope you enjoy this Would love to.”

Dharmendra also replied to the comments of the fans and also replied to the fans reacting to the video. When a fan shared a picture of a basket of berries and wrote that Gurudev for you. So in response Dharmendra wrote, “Thanks Kapil. Love you. Seeing big juicy jamuns made my mouth water. As a boy, used to steal and eat on the banks of Sirhand canal. May God bless you. Hard working and hard working. Good hearted person. Don’t be seen.

At the same time, a user shared a photo of paddy transplanting. Replying to her, Dharmendra got emotional. He wrote, “Chahal, ji wants to be in the soil, I want to run in the fields, dance, sing… and then take the roti, my mother comes and I eat the whole thing in happiness. Love you keep on living. “

Started water aerobics a
few days back Dharmendra has started doing water aerobics a few days back. Sharing a video of himself from the swimming pool on June 7, he wrote, “Friends, with his (God) blessings and your blessings, I have also started water aerobics along with yoga and light exercise. Health is his biggest blessing. Happy. Stay healthy and stay strong.”

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