Two types of corona together:First case of double infection found in India after Belgium, doctor from Assam got infected with delta variant along with alpha

In the second wave of Corona, the number of new cases is not taking the name of decreasing. In Dibrugarh district of eastern Assam, a female doctor got infected with both ‘alpha’ and ‘delta’ forms of the corona virus. Experts have described it as the first such case in the country.

ICMR officials said that the female doctor in Assam had received both doses of the vaccine. About a month later, the woman and her husband were found infected with the alpha variant of the corona virus. The couple are doctors and were posted at the Kovid Care Center.

The woman infected with the double variant did not have to be hospitalized
. He said that the lady doctor had mild symptoms of sore throat, body ache and sleeplessness and did not need to be admitted to the hospital.

Experts believe that the woman had received both doses of the vaccine, so she did not need to be admitted to the hospital. In Belgium, the first woman to be infected with the double variant died. That’s why people should get the corona vaccine as soon as possible.

The first case of double infection was found in
Belgium, a woman reached a hospital in the Belgian city of Alsto recently. She was falling out of balance again and again. Although he was breathing fine. The oxygen level was also more than 94%, but in the investigation, it turned out to be infected with not one but two different variants of corona, ie two different types of corona.

A few hours later, his lungs became increasingly dysfunctional and he died on the fifth day. The woman was infected with the alpha and beta variants of the corona and was not vaccinated. This was the first such case in the world, in which someone got double infection from two variants.

What is genome sequencing to detect double effects?

  • Genes decide everything from our biological characteristics like our height, hair color, color of our eyes. That is, the complete genetic code of an organism is called genome.
  • Genome is the book that makes up an organism, so genes are the chapters of that book.
  • No two organisms can have the same genome. Simply put, the genome is the identity card of the biological world.
  • The genome of most organisms, including humans, is DNA, but the genome of viruses like corona is RNA.
  • The study of the genome can be used to understand the structure, characteristics and working of any organism.
  • The genome cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is extremely difficult to understand even when viewed under a microscope, so scientists turn it into a code. That’s what genome sequencing is all about.
  • The genome of a virus is RNA, so it is first converted into DNA for sequencing.

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