MP unlock but with conditions: Weekend lockdown, fruit and vegetable, and grocery will be available throughout the day in Bhopal; Ban on marriage in Indore continues, religious places will remain closed, night curfew will continue

It is being unlocked in Madhya Pradesh from June 1. The state government has sent state level guideline of unlock to all the districts. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that exemption is being given keeping the facilities of the people in mind. If there is an increase in infection, the administration can take a tough decision again.

There will be lockdown in the capital Bhopal on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a night curfew every night from 8 am to 6 am. Hardware, building materials, electrical shops will be open till 6 pm. Grocery shops in Indore will open only till 12 noon. Marriage will not be approved here, the temple-mosque will also remain closed. Also, there will be a lockdown on Saturday-Sunday. Markets will open in Gwalior in two shifts.

Meanwhile, the lockdown has been extended till 6 am on June 4 in Sagar district. This decision was taken in the meeting of Crisis Management held on Monday. Saturday-Sunday is already a lockdown. In such a situation, the lockdown will remain till 6 am on June 7. Earlier in Damoh and Morena, the lockdown has been extended till 6 am on June 7.

Know … how much exemption in which district

Bhopal: Hardware, building materials, electrical shops will be open till 6 pm
All the shops of grocery, fruit, vegetable and flour mill in Bhopal will be open till 8 pm. Stationary, Electrical, Building, Material, Namkeen-Sweet Shop will be open till 6 pm. Hotel-restaurants will also be able to open but till 10 pm, there will be a facility of take home here. Vegetable shops will be able to open, but haat-bazaars will not be held. There will be night curfew in the entire district from 8 am to 6 am. There will be a public curfew every Saturday and Sunday.

In the government order, permission has been given to operate the indigenous and foreign liquor shops as per the instructions of the Excise Department of Madhya Pradesh Government. Liquor shops will be open till 11.30 pm. Other city transport including public bus, private bus will be able to run at 50 percent capacity in the city. It will be compulsory to follow the Kovid protocol everywhere. At the same time, two rides in an auto, e-rickshaw, taxi and two rides with a driver in a private four wheeler will be allowed to travel wearing masks.

In Bhopal, the situation is still not clear
on them, there is still confusion about the opening of salons, beauty parlors, furniture shops. No decision has been taken yet about this. At the same time, the gym, swimming pool will remain closed. The wedding ceremony will be held in the presence of 20 people. Marriages will be possible in the marriage garden, but the situation is not clear yet regarding the procession.

Indore: Grocery shops will open only till 12 pm Due
to Corona’s weekly infection rate of more than 5% in Indore, there has not been much concession since June 1. The grocery store will open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday at 12:00 noon. Wholesale shops will open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All wholesale markets including Choithram, Niranjanpur vegetable market will remain closed, but shops will be able to sell in the locality. There will be complete curfew on Saturday and Sunday. Places of worship including temple-mosque will remain closed.

Eyeglass shops will open in Indore. Only two rides are allowed in an auto rickshaw. Marriage will not be allowed until 15 June. Only 10 people will be able to attend the funeral. Social, sports, entertainment, religious events will not be allowed. There will be a ban on fairs and exhibits. School colleges and educational institutions will remain closed but online classes will be possible. Shopping malls, cinema houses, swimming pools will remain closed. There will be a night curfew every night from 10 am to 8 am. Construction will be allowed. Service centers will also be open 5 days a week.

They get a discount in Indore

  • Kherchi grocery store and fruits and vegetables.
  • Flour mill, animal feed shop, agricultural shops.
  • real estate.
  • Wholesale grocery market
  • Exemptions for work such as mechanic, plumber, painter, electrician
  • Exemption of motor parts, electric items and other essential material shops with restrictions

Gwalior: Milk, essential goods shops will open till 11 am, rest of the markets will open from 11 am to 5 pm
Unlocked in the meeting of Crisis Management on Sunday night, the format of Gwalior has almost been decided. Markets will be opened in two shifts. Shops related to essential goods like grocery, milk, vegetables, egg-bread will be opened till 11 am. The rest of the markets will be opened from 11 am to 5 pm.

Markets will be closed two days a week on Sundays and Tuesdays. Not only this, public curfew will remain in force from 10 pm on Saturday night to 10 am on Monday. No opinion has been formed regarding coaching centers, schools, colleges, gyms and malls. It has also been decided that the review meeting will be held on June 6 for what the effect of the unlock is going to be.

Jabalpur: Only suggestions came in the meeting that lasted for hours, no concrete issue agreed
, the city and rural areas will be unlocked on the morning of June 1, but its picture has not been cleared yet. In a virtual meeting of the Disaster Management Committee on Sunday, Minister in charge Arvind Singh Bhadoria kept churning for a long time, but it could not be decided what kind of relaxation should be given in the unlock. Earlier it was said that 50% shops should be opened and Aud-Even Formula should be adopted for this, but almost all the MLAs objected to this and said that all shops should be exempted.

Ujjain: One day left and right side shops will open on the second day, Mahakal temple will remain closed for the devotees
. Crisis management meeting was held in Ujjain on Sunday. It decided to open the city with conditions from 1 June. It was decided that construction work will be left everywhere except in the vicinity of the place of infection. Agricultural produce market will start and fertilizer shops will open. Religious places will remain closed. Schools and colleges will remain closed. State government guidelines will be applicable on liquor shops.

All shops can be opened from 6 am to 6 pm, but one day the left side of the road and the right side shops will open the next day. There will be a ban on devotees in the Mahakal temple for the time being. Senior officials of the district were present at the meeting of Crisis Management including Cabinet Minister Mohan Yadav, MLA Paras Jain and Collector Ashish Singh.

Hoshangabad: The
Hoshangabad district will be unlocked from June 1, with the skeptic Corona infection rate decreasing regarding salons, beauty parlors . All types of businesses including grocery, restaurant, electronics, auto-parts, hotels, liquor shops will open in Unlock from 8 am to 3 pm. Night curfew will be in place every day from 10 pm to 6 am. The salon is confused about the opening of the beauty parlor shop.

Rewa: One day the right side shops and the next day the left side shops will open from 8 am to 6 pm,
on unlocking Rewa from 1st June, there was a meeting of the Crisis Management Committee in the Collectorate at 11.30 am on Sunday. It was decided to open 50% of the market. It was agreed to open right-side shops one day and left-side shops the other day. This rule is currently for 7 days. It has been decided to run the buses with 50% ridership. Only two passengers are allowed to sit in auto rickshaws. 20 people will attend the wedding, but the wedding will be allowed on the day itself.

Guna: A few sector shops will open 3-3 days a week,
a guideline has been issued regarding unlock in Guna district. After concurrence of the disaster management meeting held on Sunday evening, the Collector issued orders in this regard. Permission has been granted to open almost the entire market according to the order. Chemists, grocery shops, fruit-vegetables, dairy and milk, flour-mills, animal feed shops, agricultural implements, fertilizer-seed shops will open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

Clothing / readymade, footwear, utensils, bullion, tailoring, general store, luggage, haircutting and cobbler shops – will open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am to 6pm. Electricals, Electronics, Building Materials, Optics, Stationery, Photo Copy, Hardware, Tire Shops, Auto Parts, Vehicle Service Center, Tent House, Sweets, Bakery and Batasche Shops Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 9am to 6pm Will open.

Dewas: Vegetables and fruits will be able to be sold with handcuffs
Unlock is starting in Dewas from 1st June. After the Crisis Management meeting on Sunday, an order issued by Collector Chandramouli Shukla was issued. Accordingly, all the grocery shops in the district will open. In auto and private vehicle, the driver and 2 passengers will be able to travel by wearing masks.

No more than 6 people will gather at any place. Salons, grocery and fruit and vegetable shops will open. Restaurants will open at 50% capacity. In private offices, 100% of the work force will be approved, 50% of the officers in government and 100% of employees will remain. Chaat-Chowpatty, Haat Bazaar and Sabzi Mandi will remain closed.

Ratlam: Fruits and vegetables will be sold on handcarts, grocery and milk shops will open in
Ratlam district, in the meeting of Crisis Management held in the presence of Minister in-charge of Kovid Jagdish Deora, it has been decided to partially unlock the district. The unlock will be reviewed again from June 1 to 7. After this a decision will be taken regarding the next unlock.

Shopping malls and super markets will remain closed, but they will be able to make home delivery of groceries. Grocery, milk and flour mill shops will also be opened. Ferry sales will be allowed to sell fruits and vegetables. The e-pass system implemented in the city will also be closed from 1 June. Strict action will be taken on the presence of more than 6 people at any shop.

Bhind: In the hawkers zone, the businessmen will be shifted to the Shift
Bhind. In the meeting of the District Crisis Management, it was decided that the market of the entire district will be opened in two shifts. Apart from the shops of essential items, clothing shops, fancy items, cosmetic shops, footwear, general stores will open in the market from 8 am to 2 pm.

In the second shift, from 2 pm to 8 pm, utensils, bullion, furniture, stationery shops can be opened. Apart from these, the hands standing in Sadar Bazar of Bhind will be shifted in the handcart hawkers zone. The wedding ceremony and funeral will be accompanied by the terms.

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