Effect of virus on children: The government said – corona infection in children is not serious, but if the virus changes its behavior, the infection may increase.

The central government has started preparations due to the fear of the third wave of corona on the children. In a press conference held on Tuesday on the condition of corona in the country, Dr. VK Paul, member of the NITI Aayog, said that corona disease in children is not serious, but it is possible that the infection may increase if the virus changes its behavior. Due to this, preparations are being made. A group of experts has been formed on this issue. Guidelines are being prepared in view of data and experience.

He said that if Kovid comes in children, then it has two forms. Fever developed, pneumonia developed and the child had to be hospitalised. It is also seen that Kovid came, went and did not even know. After recovering from Kovid, it was seen that races are coming after a few days. Pneumonia also occurred. Such symptoms are visible. The data showed that a small number of children are being admitted to hospitals.

On the
policy of vaccination, the government has made it clear that there is a rule to apply two doses of Kovishield in the country. That’s what it is, there should be no confusion in this. The second dose will be given 12 weeks after the first dose of Covishield. Only two doses of Coveshield will be applied, not one. Covaxin also has the same schedule. Until scientifically proven, the question of mixing the dose of the vaccine does not arise and will not be done.

According to the government, international research is going on on mixing the vaccine. It is likely to have a positive effect, but it cannot be ruled out as a loss. This is an unresolved scientific question, science will solve it. Mixing of vaccines is not yet a protocol. At present, both doses are to be given of the same vaccine (CoveShield and Covaxin). Stick to the SOP on this matter.

Sanitization was done on the roads in Karol Bagh, Delhi on Tuesday.

On May 7, 4 lakh new cases were received,
there has been continuous good news on the corona front which has come down to 1.27 lakh . The Health Ministry said on Tuesday that new cases of corona in the country are continuously decreasing. On 7 May, where more than 4 lakh new patients were found in a day. At the same time, now it has come down to 1 lakh 27 thousand. This is a very positive aspect. There is a continuous decrease in the active case.

Joint Secretary of Health Ministry Luv Aggarwal said that the cases of infection are decreasing continuously in 30 states for the last one week. The positivity rate on Tuesday was 6.62%. Trying to keep it under 5%. The positivity rate is still more than 10% in 239 districts. The effect of continuously increasing the test is also seen.

Vaccination took place at a drama theater in Navi Mumbai on Tuesday.

Between 16–22 February, 7.7 lakh tests were being conducted in the country every day. Now more than 20 lakh tests are being done every day. A total of 34.67 crore tests have been done. The scope of vaccination is also expanding. So far, 21.60 crore doses have been applied.

There is no shortage of vaccine in the country,
ICMR director Balram Bhargava said that there is no shortage of vaccine in the country. By mid-July or August, we will have enough doses to vaccinate 1 crore people every day. We are confident that we will be able to vaccinate the entire population by December.

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