Foreign Personalities Rebuked By Government Of India For Supporting

In a clear attempt to polarize India, US Vice President Kamala Harris ‘ niece Meena Harris and some international personalities have hardly gained any expertise on Indian affairs, but they gave their support on Wednesday to the ongoing demonstrations against new agricultural laws in India. The Government of India, while reacting strongly to it, termed them as part of ‘ vested interests groups ‘ and described their support as ‘ sensational social media hashtags and comments ‘, saying they are “neither accurate nor responsible”. ‘ Read Updated UP News and Updated Sports news with latest update.

Twitter stirred up on Wednesday when American pop singer Rihanna on Tuesday night posted a news link on India’s farmers protest and tweeted, “Why aren’t we talking about it?!”

On his tweet, some Indians showed widespread outrage by questioning Rihanna’s credibility and her knowledge of India’s internal affairs.

Then, greta Thunberg, a famous teenager working for environmental activism, tweeted, “We stand in solidarity with the ongoing farmers ‘ movement in India. “

Meena Harris participated in a coordinated sarcasm on India on Wednesday morning. He tweeted, adding to the US incident, “It is no coincidence that the world’s oldest democracy was attacked even a month ago and as we speak, the most populous democracy is facing sharp criticism. What happened in India is linked to it. We should all show displeasure over India’s Internet shutdown and paramilitary violence against farmer protestors. “

Lebanese-American former pornographic actress Mia Khalifa also joined the campaign by posting a comment with a picture of Indian women protesters. “What is happening in human rights abuses? Has the internet been hacked around New Delhi?”

While his tweets received hundreds of likes and retweets from all over the world, thousands of Indians, including Indian film star Kangana Arnauth, troll them all.

Meanwhile, the External Affairs Ministry issued a statement and reprimanded them. “We would urge that the facts be ascertained before commenting on such matters and the issues at hand should be well understood,” the statement said. Sensational social media hashtags and comments become breathtaking, especially when celebrities and others are connected to it, while their statements are neither accurate nor responsible. “

The government explained, “The Parliament of India passed the reformist law relating to the agriculture sector after thorough debate and discussion. These reforms gave access to the expanded market and gave more flexibility to the farmers. They also pave the way for economically and ecologically sustainable farming. “

The government said that a very small section of farmers in some parts of India have some doubts about these reforms. “The Government of India has initiated a series of talks with their representatives, respecting the sentiments of the protestors,” the statement said. The Union ministers have been part of the talks, and already eleven rounds of talks have been held. The government has also proposed to suspend the law for a few months. This proposal has been given by the Prime Minister of India, not by anybody else. “

“Nevertheless, it is unfortunate for the vested protest groups to try to implement their agenda on these protests,” the ministry said. This was seen on the 26th of January, the Republic Day of India. Violence and vandalism were held in the Indian capital to squalid the anniversary of the inauguration of a national commemoration, the Constitution of India. “

It further says, “Some of these vested interests groups have also tried to mobilize international support against India. Inspired by such misleading elements, the statues of Mahatma Gandhi have been desolate in some parts of the world. It is very disturbing for India and for civilized society everywhere.

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