New disclosure in espionage case: Anil Ambani and former CBI chief Alok Verma also named in Pegasus spyware list

Two more big names have been revealed in the list of spy software Pegasus of Israeli company NSO. According to the news portal ‘The Wire’, the names of industrialist Anil Ambani and former CBI chief Alok Verma were also included in the spy list.

According to the report, Alok Verma was sacked from the post of former CBI chief by the central government in 2018. Shortly thereafter, Verma’s name was included in the list of Pegasus. Along with this, the name of Anil Ambani and his wife along with Tony Jesudasan, Corporate Communication Officer of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani (ADA) Group was also included in this list.

However, the report also said that it cannot be confirmed whether Anil Ambani is currently using the same phone number or not. There is no response from ADA at this time.

According to the report, the phone numbers of Rafale officials also included the numbers of Venkata Rao Posting, representative of Dassault Aviation (the company that makes Rafale aircraft) in India, Inderjit Sial, chief of Saab India and Pratyush Kumar, chief of Boeing India, at different periods in 2018 and 2019. Includes leaked figures. Along with this, the phone of Harmanjit Negi, head of French company Energy EDF, is also included in the leaked data. Let us tell you that the leaders of the opposition have been accusing the central government of benefiting Anil Ambani regarding the Rafale deal with France.

What is Pegasus Project?

  • The Pegasus Project is a group of journalists from 17 media organizations around the world investigating the NSO Group and its government clients. Israeli company NSO sells surveillance technology to governments. Its main product is Pegasus, which is a spy software or spyware.
  • Pegasus targets iPhone and Android devices. With Pegasus installed, its operator can take chats, photos, emails and location data from the phone. The user does not even know and Pegasus activates the phone’s microphone and camera.

Governments placed 180 reporters and editors on their watchlists.
Earlier on Sunday, The Wire reported that governments around the world had taken the help of Pegasus, Israel’s software, to spy on journalists. This was claimed in the report released after a joint investigation by 17 media groups on Sunday. Here, it has also been revealed that 180 reporters and editors have been kept on their watch list by governments around the world. These countries include India, where 40 journalists, 3 opposition leaders, 2 union ministers and a judge who criticized the government and Prime Minister Modi were also under surveillance.

According to the Target report on those who exposed government failures, Pegasus clients in different parts of the world spy on journalists who have been exposing government failures or criticizing its decisions. From Asia to America, many countries spied on journalists through Pegasus or kept them on watch lists. The names of some countries of the world have also been given in the report, where the eyes of the government are on journalists. Topping the list is Azerbaijan, where 48 journalists were on a government watch list. In India, this figure is 40.

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